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The rates of auto insurance in California tend to be very expensive. However, not all rates are high. The cost you can incur for insuring your car depends on the city you live in. The costs will also vary from company to company. So, for you to get low rates, you need to shop around and keep comparing as many rates as possible until you get the best.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have compiled a list of the cheapest insurers depending on the common driver types. You may also get more information on auto insurance in California depending on where you live.

Cheapest rates for the young drivers

This is the insurance cover for drivers who are in their early 20s. These drivers require less coverage compared to older motorists who have larger savings and families to protect. Here are the rates for young motorists who have already attained the minimum age and need auto insurance coverage in California.

The best rates you will get in this category are from Geico, Esurance and 21st Century. The charges are $463 per year, $ 714 annually and $702 per year respectively. You will note that Geico has the lowest quote. The amount payable each month is around $39 every month.

Cheapest rates for excellent drivers

Experienced drivers who haven’t been in fault accidents, moving violations or DUIs get special rates. The top three companies that offer the cheapest rates are Geico, Esurance and 21st Century. The prices are $1,193, $ 1,337, and 1,371 respectively, each year. Geico obviously offers the cheapest rare in this group because you will pay around $99 each month.

Good drivers have discounts that reward them for the safety measures they always consider when behind the wheel. So the better you are at driving, the more you will be favored by your auto insurance provider.

Cheapest rates for drivers who have one at-fault crash

Causing an accident in California automatically adds a substantial amount of money to your premium. Even though it doesn’t mean that you are a careless driver, your insurance provider cannot overlook this factor. After comparing some quotes, you will note that the average price in this category is almost $500 more compared to a driver with a clean record.

Insurers offering the best rates in this category are AAA, Esurance, and Geico at $ 1,679 per year, $1,854 per year and $2,191 per year respectively. AAA turned out to be the best option for the drivers who are non-military-affiliated.

Cheapest rates for retired drivers

This category is for drivers who are in mid and late 60s; who don’t use their autos to commute. Because of their reduced mileage, these drivers get pretty cheap auto insurance in this state. The top three best rates are from 21st Century at $937/year, Geico at $948/year and Allstate at $1,054/year. 21st Century is the best choice for this group of drivers. You will pay around $78 each month.

A retiree can look into the discounts aimed at the retired or mature drivers aged 55 or older to be able to save more money.

Cheapest rates for motorists with a military connection

If you happen to be an active military member or a veteran (you have a family member who is currently serving in the military), you will get auto insurance at a relatively cheap rate from USAA. The company doesn’t offer its services to the general public. USAA happens to be one of the cheapest car insurance options for drivers in this category. Their customers also get to enjoy top-rated customer service.

Other options you can consider

In case you have been involved in several accidents or DUIs, you must be wondering where you fit in. Well, it’s not easy to get auto insurance on the voluntary market. However, you may qualify for coverage through an organization known as California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan. The CAARP connects the high-risk motorists to insurance companies that can cover them.

The premium rates charged are a bit high because of the risks involved. But you can still compare rates from several companies so as to get the cheapest rates. Just make sure that you get auto coverage to be on the safe side.