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Driving in Idaho means various things for various people. Farm land is abundant here, which means there are a plethora of tractor trailers, trucks, and other heavy equipment on the road throughout the day. In the larger cities you won’t find that kind of traffic, but you will find plenty of congestion when it’s time to get to work and to get home in the evenings. So many different types of vehicle share the road every day in Idaho, but everyone wants to share the same cheap insurance. What may drivers fail to realize is not all insurance is created the same. No two people have the same coverage because so many factors affect the cost of their insurance.

If you’re looking for insurance in Idaho for your vehicle that’s more affordable, you’re not alone. Many people want to find something cheaper and better, but they don’t know where to begin looking. Even more common, drivers don’ understand why their neighbor, friend, sister, or anyone else has a lower rate than they have, but they have the same car or policy. It’s helpful to become familiar with the factors and the driving force behind cheap auto insurance in Idaho before you make the switch.

What Affects Your Insurance?

For many, it’s what you drive that affects your insurance policy, but it’s not the case. While the type of vehicle you drive plays a profound role in determining how much you pay for insurance, it’s not the only factor.

  • Age of your vehicle
  • Type of car
  • Your age, gender, sex, address
  • Your employment
  • Your credit history and driving history
  • Where you live

Idaho residents need to consider all these factors before they find new insurance companies. Each one plays a profound role in determining whether you’ll be offered a low rate or one that comes with a slightly higher price tag.

Your Life

Idaho residents don’t all get the same rate for being in the same state. Someone who lives in a nice neighborhood without any major streets nearby is going to get a lower rate for insurance than a family who lives in a neighborhood near an interstate or in a high crime area, because they’re more likely to be robbed or have their car hit by an uninsured driver if the economic situation around there isn’t perfect.

Someone with bad credit is going to pay more for car insurance, because the insurance companies are going to find them riskier to invest in. Your lack of ability to care for your finances tells the insurance company you’re not a great candidate for good rates, and they’ll charge you far more. If you have several tickets, accidents, and other driving infractions on your driving history, you’re also going to pay more.

Insurance companies want to work with people who aren’t a risk to them. They pay a lot of money when your driving is imperfect. They want to ensure they’re getting enough from you to cover what they might pay out when your driving skills aren’t adequately used.

Your age, gender, and sex affect your rates because some people are just considered more dangerous drivers. Young men and older women are more likely to cause an accident, and men in general are less careful drivers than women. Married couples are seen a more responsible, and they often pay a much lower rate for their car insurance.

If you work in an industry that is considered dangerous or has you on the road often, you’ll pay more money for your insurance. It’s a factor everyone considers when they offer insurance rates to their new clients.

There are things you can do to help lower rates on your own. Ask your insurance company for a discount for being a safe driver or being a long-time loyal customer to their brand. Ask for a discount based on the number of safety features your car is equipped with. You can pay less if you know how to ask for a lower rate, or you take the time to shop around for the best rates available for drivers in Idaho.