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Car insurance can be pricey, but it’s possible to find affordable car insurance in Vermont. A study was recently done to find the cheapest insurance providers in Vermont. The rates of these providers were compared to the rates paid by average car insurance clients in Vermont. However, the amount that you’ll pay for car insurance is also dependent on factors other than choosing the right insurance company. Some examples of these factors include your accident history, traffic tickets, your age, the type of car you drive, and the city you live in. Therefore, keeping a clean driving record can help you to lower your car insurance rates. Here are the five cheapest car insurance providers in Vermont:

  1. Geico: Geico offers affordable coverage, and you can apply for their coverage online. On average, Geico is the cheapest policy in all major cities of Vermont. Geico’s average rate is 533 dollars per year for Vermont residents. For comparison, the average Vermont resident pays 851 dollars per year. Geico offers reliable and comprehensive coverage, and they cover a number of potential expenses that many insurers miss. For instance, they offer both property damage liability and bodily injury liability coverage. In addition, Geico has an excellent record in terms of client satisfaction. No Vermont residents have filed complaints about Geico, which is something that many other insurance providers cannot say. More than four out of five Geico clients give their coverage a 5 star rating on a 1-5 scale.
  1. Co-Operative Insurance: Co-Operative Insurance offers Vermont residents an average rate of 619 dollars per year for coverage. It’s even possible to get a discount on your rates from Co-Operative Insurance if you take driver’s education classes. Co-Operative Insurance is exclusively geared towards residents of Vermont and New Hampshire, and the coverage they offer is quite comprehensive. It’s also quite easy to make claims with Co-Operative Insurance, and claims can be made 24/7 by telephone. Claims can also be made online. When claims are reported online, you will get a response the next day.
  1. Kemper Insurance: At the time of the study, Kemper was known as Unitrin. However, the company still offers excellent coverage. The company offered rates averaging 627 dollars per year at the time of the study. There are discounts available for those without an accident history within the past two years, people who insure multiple vehicles, cars with motorized seatbealts, cars with anti-lock brakes, and cars with anti-theft devices. Kemper offers insurance for accidents that occur to a parked vehicle, which is something that many other insurers do not cover.
  1. Union Mutual: Union Mutual’s car insurance rates average 747 dollars per year for Vermont residents, and they cover many types of damage that can occur to your vehicle. Not only will Union Mutual cover damage to your vehicle, but they will cover damage to the vehicle of another driver if you were at fault. In addition to paying for damages, Union Mutual will cover the expenses of a rental car if your car is not usable or stolen. Union Mutual also covers towing expenses that occur as a result of an accident.
  1. Allstate: Allstate is a well known provider of car insurance, and they offer affordable rates to Vermont residents. On average, Allstate clients in Vermont pay 826 dollars per year for car insurance. They offer quotes online and by phone. Allstate’s insurance plans are also comprehensive, and their clients tend to be satisfied with the coverage.