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West Virginia has some of the cheapest auto insurance rates in the whole nation. Residents of West Virginia do not have many choices when it comes to picking an auto insurer compared to some states. This is because there is a handful of them in operation in the state and they include Westfield, Allstate, Sentry, and Metlife. The average blended price for a premium in the state is still cheaper than other states in the nation although there are fewer auto insurers. Some insurers may not apply to everyone because they cater to specific individuals. California Casualty is a specialty insurer that offers insurance to drivers that are nurses, firefighters, educators, and peace officers.

The insurers with the cheapest annual rates are Erie, State Farm, Westfield, and GEICO. They offer $715, $965, and $1,100 respectively. State Farm and Westfield have similar rates and share the number two spot on the list. The rates that Erie offers are close to half that of the state average. This echoes the fact that one can get auto insurance at a low price. Metlife and Sentry are on the higher end of the list offering rates that are higher than the state average. Sentry has the highest rates in the state of $3206 which is more than twice that of the state average whereas Metlife’s rates are 23% more than the average. It is prudent for one to compare at least three quotes from different insurers before choosing an insurer. It is important to consider the fact that this data was obtained from drivers with good records so the rates might be higher or lower for you depending on your situation. The credit record of a driver also determines the rates that they will receive. Putting these factors into consideration before choosing an insurer is good.

There are several cities and towns in West Virginia such as Charleston, Wheeling, Fairmont, and Parkersburg. The cheapest insurer in all the major cities and towns is still Erie. This means that their pricing is consistent across all areas. The next two spots were held varyingly by Westfield and State Farm. They are also among the top three in the whole state. It is safe to choose any of these three insurers no matter where you are in the state. It is important to note that the rates are higher in some towns compared to others despite the fact that they are the cheapest insurers.

Which regions in the state have the most affordable auto insurance? The city with the cheapest rates in the state is Martinsburg. It has an average of $1241. This is an 11% decrease from the average of the whole state. The city has less than 20,000 residents, and its economy is reliant of healthcare and government employers such as the Veteran Affairs Medical Center and the Berkeley Medical Center. Berkeley Springs comes second with an average rate of $1259. This is less than 20 dollars compared to the rate in Martinsburg. The annual rate is 9% cheaper than the average blended rate in the whole state. The low rates could be attributed to the small number of people in the area since it has a population of only 600 people. It is one of the best art towns in the nation and is located near the Potomac River and the Maryland border. The other locations that completed the top five include Clarksburg, Moorefield, and Keyser. It is interesting to see that all these regions are on the upper side of the state or close to the border of Maryland.

There are some cities whose average rates were more than the overall mean of West Virginia. These cities include Wayne, Madison, Logan, and Williamson. The rates are as high as 20%. It would be best to compare several insurers if you reside in any of these cities since the prices are relatively higher. Auto insurers in West Virginia rank the same when it comes to providing the best service although the cheapest auto insurer is not necessarily the best. Most of these auto insurers received close to no complaints from the customers that they served in the state.