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If you reside in Indiana, you pay an average amount of money for your car insurance each year. Indiana insurers aren’t the most expensive in the nation, but they’re not the cheapest, either. You’ll pay an average of $798 per year for a basic policy, but you can do better. If you want cheap auto insurance in Indiana, you’re going to need to do your research, compare rates, and understand which factors in your life influence the cost of your premium. While some factors aren’t anything you can control, many are. This means you get to pay less for things you typically pay more for. Let us help you find the best rates and the best policy in Indiana.

Best Insurance Companies

Living in Indiana means you have dozens of insurance agencies at your beck and call. They all offer you a different rate, different features, and a number of other considerations. National statistics tell us it’s companies such as Erie, Indiana Farm Bureau, Farmers, Wolverine Mutual, and Hastings Mutual that have the lowest rates to offer their customers. Keep in mind most people have different life situations to consider, so these companies might not offer you the same low rates they’re offering to other drivers.

Factors Used to Consider Insurance Premiums

All insurance companies have a list of factors they use to determine what you qualify for in terms of insurance rates. These factors are considered for all applicants, but the personal aspect of each is what drives the price of your insurance premium.

  • Credit history
  • Driving history
  • Address
  • Profession
  • Type of vehicle you drive

If you want the lowest rates for insurance, you need a clean credit history, a clean driving record, and you should live in an area with a low crime rate not situated near a major highway or any other high-crime location. You should work in a profession that’s not dangerous, doesn’t require you spend much time on the road, and doesn’t put your life at risk.

You should also drive a newer vehicle with a larger size, but one that has a smaller engine is the least expensive to insure with almost all companies. You should also have multiple cars on one policy and bundle all policies to receive the biggest discounts.

How to Lower Your Rate

If you feel you need a lower rate for your insurance, call your insurance company to see if you can get a lower rate. If you’ve been a long-time customer with a clean driving record, there’s no reason your insurance company shouldn’t want to work with you to provide a lower rate. You can do this simply, or you can inform them in your politest voice you are planning on looking for a new insurance policy with a new company. This often makes your company want to work with you due to the threat of leaving.

You can compare rates at a few companies and call yours first to tell them what you’re being offered elsewhere. You should also mention if you belong to any professional organizations such as AAA that offer discounts on insurance. Another way to lower your rate is to let the insurance company know if there are any major life changes in your life. If you got married, you can get a discount on your policy. If you are a young man who recently turned 25, you might qualify for a discount because of your age. It’s helpful to all and ask.

All Indiana insurance companies work to find the best customers, so they’re going to check your credit and driving record. You can change those things. You can only do better from this point forward and hope it helps in the future.

Your insurance is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be unaffordable. Do your homework to find out which companies are least expensive in and around your Indiana city and follow up with a few to see if they can offer you a lower rate. It’s the simplest things that often have the biggest impact on your financial future.