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Depending on where you live in Kansas, you might receive better rates for your car insurance. It’s not a guarantee, but you can save more money if you know how to find better rates, how to apply for discounts, and how you can improve your own life to help you with your car insurance premiums. The average amount for a car insurance premium is just over $1,300. This is among the high-end of insurance premiums in USA, but it’s not a promise you’ll pay this much. Many of the people who live in Kansas pay far less, and many pay more. It’s time to get to know what affects your insurance rates more than anything.

What Affects Your Rates?

There are variable factors that help your insurance company determine what you pay each year for your vehicle. The most important is the vehicle itself. The best way to pay the least amount of money for insurance is to choose a car that’s newer, that is bigger, that doesn’t have a particularly large engine, and one that’s not found on the list of most stolen vehicles. It’s also helpful to live in an area of Kansas where the economy is good and the crime rate is low.

Low socioeconomic neighborhoods tend to boast more uninsured drivers. This is risky, so you pay more for your own insurance. It’s not fair to pay more to be insured when others aren’t paying for insurance at all, but it’s the way the industry works for so many drivers. What you do for a living also has a profound effect on what you pay for insurance. The less stressful your job, the less dangerous your career, and the closer you are to the office means you’ll pay less money for insurance because you’re on the road less often.

Your age also affects your rates. Young women and older men are typically better drivers, which is why their rates are lower. This also speaks to how much your gender affects your rates. Getting married, having a baby, buying a new car, and a few other factors can also help your insurance rates drop, so now is a good time to consider if you’ve done any of those in the recent months. Let your insurance company know if you have.

You’ll also need to have a clean driving history and a good credit score. Both are used to determine what kind of risk you are for an insurance company. You’ll pay more to work with these people, so you want to be sure you’re making good decisions and positively affecting your insurance rates.

Insurance in Kansas

There is no guarantee you’ll find the lowest rate at the same company as someone else at any company. That said, USAA, Allied, State Farm, American Family, and Auto-Owners have the best reputation in Kansas for having the lowest rates for their drivers. This is where you want to start. If you’re already a policyholder with any of these companies, call and ask for a discount. You have a good chance of receiving one if you’re a good customer who never misses payments or makes late payments, and if you’re someone who has a clean driving record.