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What’s most important for you in an auto insurance policy in Mississippi is not what’s important to your neighbor. Some people are only interested in paying the bare minimum and have no desire to carry the best type of insurance. Others are willing to pay whatever it takes to insure their vehicle in case of an emergency. Others fall somewhere in the middle. They want the best coverage, but they want the best price for that coverage. In Mississippi, there’s no shortage of car insurance companies willing to work with you to provide the best rates for the best policies. The problem is knowing what to expect and what you’ll pay. So many factors go into deciding how much your insurance will cost, it’s almost impossible to determine what you might pay compared to someone else.

Mississippi insurance rates are average compared to other states, coming in around $1,600 per month. Some pay more, some pay less, and some pay right around that each year. If you are looking for a policy that’s more affordable, you’re not alone in your quest. Here’s how to find the best rate, how to ask for a discount, and how to understand how insurance companies look at your life to determine your rates.

What You Can Change

If you want the best possible rates for your insurance, you need to make some life changes. The best rates are given to people who meet the following requirements:

  • Drive new cars
  • Drive larger cars
  • Drive cars with smaller engines
  • Married couples
  • People with good credit
  • People with a good driving history

While you might not be able to change any or all of these, you can handle a few. Your driving history will haunt you forever, but you can start improving it right now by following the laws and rules of the road. Your credit can be fixed over time by making on-time payments, paying down your debts, and by ensuring you’re doing what you need to do to keep your finances in order. You shouldn’t get married to get better insurance rates but if you’re planning on getting married soon, you can call and let your insurance company know for a better rate.

It’s also helpful to drive a newer car. Big cars are safer, but big engines are very expensive to insure. You’ll also get a better rate if you’re a young woman or an older man. They’re statistically less likely to cause or become involved in accidents while on the road. You might also check to see if your particular vehicle is located on the list of most stolen vehicles for the year. if it is, you’re paying a much higher rate for insurance premiums.

Your Lifestyle

If you live where your job is located, you will pay less. If you live far away and commute a long distance to and from work, your rates will go up. It’s not safe to be on the road more than you must, and insurance companies use that to determine your rates. It also helps to live in a safe and affluent community where the crime rates are low. Living in an area where the economy struggles means more people are living without their own insurance, which means you pay more. Your car is at a greater risk of being damaged, vandalized, stolen, and broken into.

Checking for Better Rates

Mississippi residents can typically count on Unitrin, Alfa, State Farm, Mississippi Farm Bureau, and Mississippi Average to provide the best rates for insurance. While not everyone finds the best rates here, it’s a good bet you’ll find better rates here than anywhere else.

It’s also helpful to inform your insurance company if you have any safety features on your car that are discount-worthy, if you have a professional membership that offers a discount. Compare rates with at least three companies to find the best rates. You might not pay as little as others, but you do have a chance of finding a lower rate. It’s also helpful to call and ask for a discount from your current insurance company simply because you’re a good customer.