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The average cost of auto insurance in New Hampshire is not the highest or lowest in the nation at $1,208. It’s a reasonable cost for those who want to drive their personal vehicles on a regular basis, but it’s not something you’ll pay too much for. There are many insurance companies in the state that offer lower rates. Concord, Patriot Insurance, Geico, Vermont Mutual, and Commerce Insurance all over rates below the average amount most people pay, but not everyone can get a low rate like this in New Hampshire. If you aren’t sure why you pay more than the average rate for insurance when you’d love to find cheap auto insurance in New Hampshire, it’s time to educate yourself on what dictates how much insurers charge you for auto insurance premiums.

The Type of Vehicle You Drive

If you want to pay the cheapest rates for car insurance, you must have the best car to insure. The general rule of thumb dictates that vehicles with the highest safety ratings and the newest model years are the least expensive to insure. The newer your vehicle is the less it costs to insure due to the number of parts available and the ease with which the car can be repaired. Larger vehicles such as minivans vans SUVs are also less expensive to insure because you’re less likely to suffer such serious injuries in these vehicles. That changes if you have a larger engine in your vehicle, however. Tell your insurance company anytime you buy a new car with additional safety features and driver’s assistance programs that might lower the cost of your insurance.

The Kind of Credit Score You Have

Insurance companies take a large risk in insuring people. They want to know who they are insuring, and what kind of person you are when you apply for a policy with them. It’s illegal to deny you an insurance policy based on the type of credit score you have, but you will pay a much higher rate if your credit score is lower. If you have time to get your score up, try that before you go applying for new insurance policies. You can spend a few months making only on-time payments, and you can call the credit bureaus to dispute any mistakes you find on your credit report. If you have any rise in your score at all, you can get a better rate.

Your Personal Life

Your age, sex, and your marital status are all factors used to determine how much you’ll pay for insurance. If you are a young woman, an older man, or a married person, you’re less expensive to insure. You also have to consider where you live. If the neighborhood in which you live is not considered safe or the economic status of the area isn’t the best, you’re going to pay more. Your car is more likely to be stolen or damaged in a vandalism case, and many of the people in low-economic neighborhoods don’t pay for their own insurance policies. This means you’ll pay more to make up for their lack of insurance It’s not fair, but it’s the law. If you commute far to work, you’ll also pay more for insurance.

There are ways to drop the price of your premium no matter what you drive or how bad your credit score is. If you are a member of a professional organization such as AAA that offers discounts for insurance policies, you can do that. If you have an insurance company you’ve worked with for many years with a great history of making on-time payments and not filing claims, you can always call and let them know you want to see about a lower rate or you’ll have to start looking for a new insurance company.

It’s possible for New Hampshire residents to pay less for their insurance, but it’s not always as simple as applying for a new policy. Be careful not to abandon your existing company until you know you have a better rate elsewhere. Your current policy might be your best bet if you can negotiate with the company.