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North Carolina residents have the best of many worlds. They have the most beautiful beaches, southern charm, beautiful mountains, and routinely gorgeous weather. Everything is so green and lush most of the year, and it seems residents of this lovely state also have the best of car insurance. The average annual cost of a policy here is far less expensive than it is in many other areas of the nation, which is quite impressive. The annual cost of a policy is less than $700. This is far less than man other states, and people aren’t complaining. Many North Carolina residents are unaware they can get a few more discounts when it comes to finding the cheapest car insurance policy, and that’s where this advice comes in handy.

Check Your Credit

You might already pay very little for your car insurance in North Carolina, but you can pay less if you have better credit. Check your score. If it’s low, see what you can fix. There might be mistakes on your credit report you can have removed by disputing them with the credit bureau. If they’re legitimate mistakes, it’s not difficult to do this. It takes approximately 30 days to have a mistake removed from your report, so don’t wait to get started.

Check the Crime Rate

If you are in the process of buying a home or looking for a new place to live, check the crime rate. People who live in a neighborhood where the crime rate is higher are going to pay more for their car insurance. The cars in these areas are more likely to end up needing insurance assistance because they’re more commonly stolen and damages in break-ins. Additionally, if the area is one without much economic relief, the chance of more people without insurance living there increases. In turn, this increases what you pay for your insurance.

Get Married

No one is advising you to get married just because you want to have a lower insurance payment, but it does help if you are about to get married or you’re recently married. You qualify for lower rates based on the fact you’re a less risky driver once you get married. This is likely because married couples are more cognizant of being safe because they have someone else to think about other than themselves.

Check Discounts

If you belong to a national organization with an insurance discount policy, check to see if you qualify for a discount. This could be anything from a women’s organization to a Lion’s Club to AAA. Ask your insurance company if you qualify for any discounts if you show them proof of your membership to any of these organizations.

Your Payment Options

Did you know how you pay for your insurance affects your rate? You can opt to pay monthly or in advance. Paying in advance the entire premium is less expensive. This is because your insurance company offers a small discount for people who do this. It’s a great way to save a few dollars and still pay your premium. You can also opt out of paper statements. This is a way to save a few dollars every month. Since a few dollars every month often adds up to significant payments over the course of a year, it’s big savings.


The more policies you have together, the more you save on them. You can add your home and life insurance policies to your auto insurance and save a bundle. Call your insurance company to see what they can offer you in terms of savings when you do this. You might be surprised just how much more you can pocket each month when you make one payment for all your insurance needs.

It’s not always easy to get the best rates if you’re a risky driver or have bad credit, but there is always a way to lower your payment even a little. Even if you can only get a discount of $5 per month using one of these methods, it’s $60 per year you get to put back in your pocket. That’s excellent savings for anyone who wants to get back on track financially.