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One of the most responsible things any adult does is create a budget and stick to it. It’s one of the best ways to stay on track financially, to help yourself control your finances, and to make good decisions in your adult life. It’s not just creating a budget that’s helpful, though. It’s examining the budget regularly to see where you can cut costs, save money, and make better financial decisions. One thing many Oregon residents overlook is their car insurance. You might assume you have cheap auto insurance, or that cheap auto insurance isn’t good enough to handle the issues you want covered. This is a normal feeling, and you’re not alone. However, there are other options for you, and it’s time to learn how to lower your auto insurance bill in Oregon.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you have a relationship with an insurance company as it is, it’s time to call them and ask to have some relief from what you’re currently paying. Most people can get a small discount or two by asking if they’ve been a long-time customer with a great payment history. If you need to, tell your insurance company you’d like to pay less since it’s no longer in the budget to pay what they’re asking. If they hesitate to give you a discount, just tell them you’ll be looking elsewhere for a new policy. It’s truthful, and often it’s all they need to get into gear offering up those discounts.

Ask for Standard Discounts

Many insurance companies in Oregon offer standard discounts when they apply. One is a safety discount. If your car is rated as one of the safest on the road, you can get a slightly lower rate for this. It’s also helpful to buy a car with a lot of additional safety features. Things like back-up cameras, lane change assist, and more can help you find a good deal on your insurance premium.

You can also ask for payment discounts if you pay your entire premium in full every six months rather than paying monthly. Not all companies offer this, but may do. This could be around $5 per month, which adds up to substantial savings every year. If you choose to sign up for electronic statements rather than receive paper statements in the mail, you might also receive a small discount.

By paying in advance, you might save a few small fees, too. If you pay a convenience fee each month to pay online, you save that. There are savings everywhere if you know where to find them.

Look Up Your Address Information

People who live in an area with a high crime rate or where the economy isn’t great get charged more for insurance than anyone else. If you live where crime is high, your car is being housed in a risky area. If the economy is poor where you live, it might be safe to assume many people in your general area don’t have insurance. Your insurance company might charge you more each month for this.

If you’ve recently moved and your new neighborhood is safer and/or more affluent, you could ask your insurance company to offer you a discount for keeping your car somewhere safer and less dangerous. It works for many people, and it’s something worth taking advantage of if you can.

Finding a new insurance policy is never easy, but it should be done by comparing rates in at least three different locations. Find some companies you’d like to work with, call for a quote, and compare them. You could end up with negotiating power when you do this, which is always something favorable to your financial situation. Don’t be afraid to pit companies against one another to find the cheapest car insurance quotes in Oregon. You should have an option to pay as little as possible for the best possible coverage. Just remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and expensive also doesn’t mean better when you are talking about car insurance quotes in the State of Oregon.