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In South Carolina, motorists can prove their financial responsibility in one of the two ways below.

  1. Drivers must buy the minimum liability coverage required by the state as follows:
  • $25,000 for bodily injury for every individual
  • $50.000 coverage per accident
  • $25,000 for personal property coverage
  1. Some residents may pay $500 yearly to register as uninsured drivers. These drivers are only allowed to drive, but they will not have insurance coverage in case they require liability coverage.

Most drivers opt for higher coverages than the state minimum so that they can protect themselves in the event of an accident. Visit South Carolina’s Department of Insurance to learn more about the auto insurance minimums.

Penalties for drivers who do not have liability coverage or cannot show proof of uninsured driver registration may range from loss of drivers’ licenses to fines and imprisonment.

To help you find coverages that work well with your monthly budget, we have analyzed the cheapest auto insurers in South Carolina per city, for four cities.

Columbia, SC

As the state’s most populated city, Columbia hosts approximately 133,000 residents. Regarding auto insurance quotes, our sample drivers had their costs averaging $1,601 a year. State Auto was our most inexpensive insurer followed by Southern Farm Bureau. You can also get great deals from Allstate, Grange Mutual, and State Farm as they emerged the next three low-cost auto insurers in Columbia, SC. The average price of insurance at these five insurance companies was 1,280 a year. This was 25 percent less what the typical insurer charged in the city a year.

Rock Hill, SC

Rock Hill is the fifth largest town in the Palmetto State with more than 66,000 residents living within its borders. Auto insurance prices in this city are lower compared to other cities within the same state. Averagely, our sample drivers paid $1,475 a year to cover a vehicle with basic liability insurance. That is 4 percent lower than other cities in South Carolina.

Our sample drivers received $1,164 a year as the best insurance quote from three different insurers: State Auto, State Farm, and Southern Farm Bureau. This represented a 25 percent reduction from the current rate from insurance providers in the city.

Charleston, SC

Cheap car insurance in Charleston can be attained through some price shopping. Our sample motorists recorded an annual rate of $1,641, making the city 7 percent more expensive than the state average. Still, getting a quote from any of the three insurers with the best prices could save you 21 percent. The three insurers would be State Farm, State Auto, and Southern Farm Bureau, who have policies that cost an average of $1,356 a year for standard liability coverage.

Greenville, SC

Car insurance in Greenville is relatively cheap with drivers paying an average of $1,404 a year. This is 9 percent of the state’s average. Insurers offering affordable auto insurance rates in Greenville include State Auto, National Grange Mutual, and Southern Farm Bureau. The three insurers provided lower rates to our sample drivers and registered a 22 percent discount in comparison with the city’s mean. The average annual rate from the three companies was $1,148, which is $256 better than the Greenville average.

The Methodologies Used in the Survey

The auto insurance quotes cited in the above study are for a standard driver with state minimum insurance coverage and deductibles worth $500 for one vehicle. The driver is a 4o-year-old male college graduate with good credit, no claims or lapse in coverage, and has a clean driving record. The driver drives 16,000 miles a year commuting and garages the car on premises. Remember the auto quotes are mere estimates. They include common discounts, but not guaranteed. Make sure you confirm current rates from the individual insurers.


To get the lowest auto insurance rates in South Carolina cities, be sure to shop around and compare rates from various insurers. Also, ask about the available discounts and the ones that you qualify for. Other factors that will determine your car insurance quote in South Carolina include marital status, driving record, credit report, geographic area, age and gender, and past coverage.