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Like in all states in the country, the rates for car insurance in South Dakota are determined by several factors, but most importantly, by the insurer where you get a quote. It is, therefore, good to visit as many insurance providers as possible to get a good deal for your car insurance needs. Other factors that are considered are the type of car, driving history, location, and individual circumstances such as credit score and age.

The list below summarizes and offers a review of the cheapest insurance providers in the state:

  1. Western National Insurance-$660

The company with over 115 years in the business prides itself as one of the leading auto insurance providers in Midwestern, Northwestern, and Southwestern United States. With a significant presence in South Dakota, Western National Insurance offers the most affordable insurance coverage at an average of $660.

  1. State Farm-$678

As the largest insurance company in the United States, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company offers some of the cheapest auto insurance services. At an average of $678, State Farm follows closely in the footsteps of Western National Insurance in offering affordable automobile insurance services in South Dakota.

  1. GEICO-$738

As the second largest insurer in the United States, Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) offers competitive auto insurance service in South Dakota. The company offer auto cover for $738 and thus making to the cheapest insurance providers in the state.

  1. Farmers Mutual of Nebraska-$762

The company offers cheap insurance cover to motor vehicle owners in the State. Although it has a difference of over $200 with the cheapest insurer, the Western National Insurance, its rates are still lower than the national average of $795 and thus a good deal for car owners in South Dakota.

  1. Mid-Century-$792

A subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, Mid Century offers insurance coverage for car owners at an average of $792, slightly below the national average. However, other factors such as the location of the car and driving history can tilt the cover to the higher side than the average noted above.

The above rates represent the average insurance cost in the whole state. However, when considers from city to city, the rates change significantly between the insurers. As such, some insurers are cheaper in one city and higher in others.

For instance, State Farm in Watertown takes the lead as the cheapest insurer at $654 followed by Mid-Century at $ 720, and then GEICO at $738. In Mitchel, State Farm is still the cheapest but now at $702, higher than it is in Watertown. The insurer is followed by GEICO at $720, and Farmers Mutual of Nebraska at $762.

In Sioux Falls, GEICO is the cheapest insurer at $678, followed by State Farm at $684, and Western National Insurance at $720. In Huron, State Farm takes the lead at $678, Mid-Century is the second at $720, while GEICO takes the third position at $738.

Cheapest Automobile Insurance by Driver Characteristics

The characteristics of the driver under consideration include the young drivers, good drivers, and drivers with one at-fault crash.

For young drivers in their early 20s, the cheapest insurers are American Family Insurance at $411, Allied Insurance at $415, and State Farm at $457 in that order.

The cheapest insurance providers for good drivers with no history of accidents or crashes include Western National Insurance at $660, State Farm at $678, and GEICO at $738. These drivers are considered less risky and thus able to access cheaper insurance options as compared to the ones with a history of crashes as indicated below.

Lastly, drivers with at least one at-fault crash also have a cheap option of insurance coverage although it is more expensive than for good drivers and young drivers. In this case, the insurance company options for this group include State Farm at $1042, Allied Insurance at $1255, and Farmers Mutual of Nebraska at $1,526.

Based on the above analysis, it is evident that of you are seeking a cheap insurer, there is more to consider that the state average. Depending on your location, the rates vary between the cheapest insurance by average in the state. So do not rush, take your time to compare the rates offered by different insurance companies in your localities and you will be surprised by the bargains you will achieve. Further, the character of the driver is also another factor of consideration.