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Updated: 10/2019

Tyron Jones is a car insurance expert who has operated within the auto insurance business for more than 10 years. 


Company Overview

AAA Auto insurance Company is one of the oldest firms in the country. It has has been in existence since 1902. At the time of its creation, the company traded under the name American Automobile Association. The name was then changed later to AAA Auto insurance Company that it trades under even today. The company is headquartered at Heathrow, Florida although it has branches in almost all parts of the country. This insurance firm is highly reputable, and this is evidenced by the fact that the US government has been continually consulting it on matters concerning road safety.

The company is vast, and it has about 51 motor clubs that operate independently. These clubs are all located in the North America continent. AAA Auto Insurance Company covers a variety of services with its primary one being Drivers safety. This is the foundation of the company, and it has been through the year’s one of the leading firms in ensuring the driver’s safety while on the roads. One of the highlights of its services is the Foundation for Road Safety program that has been in use since 1920. The program is aimed to raise awareness on the measures that drivers need to undertake to warrant safety in the roads.

The company has built a reputation over the years, and this has enabled it to draw new clients while retaining the existing ones. Many of their clients are highly satisfied with the quality of services that are delivered by AAA Auto Insurance Company. Many clients also cite the variety of other options apart from insurance that the firm offers to them as one of the reasons why they rate it so highly. The company is also stable, and clients are comfortable doing business with such firms. Its longevity is a testimony to its stability despite the turbulent periods that auto insurance firms have experienced since 1902.

AAA Car Insurance Review

Customer Satisfaction

Without a doubt, clients are highly satisfied with the services offered by AAA Auto Insurance Company. The firm received a JD Power US auto insurance rating of four out of five in 2017. This means that about 80% of its clients are highly satisfied with the company’s services. Although most of the firm’s services are exemplary, one particular program stands out. This is the emergency roadside assistance service that is available for members alone. Many drivers who have benefited from this program have highly praised it.

The service includes the provision of towing services for drivers who are stuck in the roads. One notable aspect of AAA Auto Insurance Company is that it doesn’t discriminate against clients. Irrespective the car type, the company will provide the towing services to all clients. Some of the things that makes the company one of its kind include:

  1. Towing of a car to the garage where the clients want. This ensures that customers can choose their garage of choice. Very few other firms are that lenient.
  2. The company also takes the initiative to call the family members and informs them of what has happened to your car and where they can find you.
  3. The firm is also highly cooperative in the process of filing a claim. The company’s officials will take you through all the steps while advising you on the appropriate steps to undertake.
  4. The firm also facilitates how the customers rent cars to use once theirs experience a breakdown.
  5. AAA Auto Insurance Company is ever available even in the night to assist their clients.

Indicative rating

AAA Auto Insurance Company has been highly performing, and the recent A+ rating by A.M Best is an indicator of this. The score was as a result of the company being outstanding in consistently providing exemplary services to its clients. These ratings are provided based on the clients’ feedback. Therefore, such a classification shows that the customers believe that the company is the best in giving auto insurance services. One of the other reason that the majority of clients cite as the chief contributor to their long term association with AAA Auto Insurance company is the simplicity involved while making claims. With other firms, a complaint may take ages to get processed. However, with this firm, the process is simple and takes a very short period.

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of relying on this insurance firm for the provision of auto insurance services.


  • The insurance firm has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau. This means that customers can transact confidently with the company.
  • Many customers are happy about the numerous discounts that the company offers to its clients.
  • The insurance firm also has a variety of membership options that clients can subscribe to.
  • Other than insurance, the company also provides other services. This ensures that the clients have a one-stop shop to get all their insurance needs sorted.


  • Some clients, especially those who own new cars, feel that they are overcharged when asked to pay the roadside premium fee as their vehicles are less prone to breakdown. However, despite this feeling, the car owners have the chance to recoup all their payments in case a major breakdown happens.
  • A few clients also feel that the membership fees are a bit exploitative. Many such individuals are those who rarely make claims.

Claims Processing procedures

Many people have very little confidence in insurance companies, and many of them cite the lengthy and complex claim process as the primary reason behind it. However, AAA Auto Insurance has simplified everything for the clients to ensure that they are sorted within the shortest possible period. The following are the steps that you need to follow when you are making a claim:

AAA Car Insurance Review
  1. Ensure that you are subscribed to the appropriate insurance policy. Many people are denied their claims because they opt for the cheap third-party coverage that is so limited. The best policy is one that provides comprehensive coverage. With this policy, both the physical body injuries that the client experiences in the event of an accident together with the car damages are compensated once the claim is validated. Also, third-party injuries are covered. To ensure that you have the right package, read all the terms and conditions carefully without skipping any bit.
  2. You also need to ensure that the claim you are making is covered in the policy that you are subscribed to. This will save you time and resources that you would waste when you are making a claim only to realize that your demands are not covered in the package. A lawyer is important in such a situation to advise you on what you exactly require.
  3. Do not admit liability. If you are involved in a road accident, do not admit liability. This might end up complicating the claim case. It is advisable to let the insurance firm to admit liability. What happens when you accept that you have the fault in the event of an accident, the insurer may argue that you have colluded with the other party to exaggerate the degree of the crash in a bid to get higher compensation. Once you are involved in an accident, you need to report to AAA Auto Insurance Company and let it deal with the rest.
  4. Collect every bit of information that you feel that it might play a cardinal role in the claim case. For instance, you can take the photographs as well as recordings of the crime scene. However, you need to be careful when doing this to ensure that you are fully compliant with the law requirements of your jurisdiction to avoid falling into issues with the authorities.
  5. You also need to inform AAA Auto Insurance Company immediately you are involved in an accident. Taking longer to communicate may complicate the case, and therefore, you need to take immediate action. Early reporting will enable the firm to begin their claim processing procedure that starts with sending agents to the accident scene to conduct investigations. Once satisfied, the firm goes ahead and pays the clients the compensation according to the agreed terms.
AAA Car Insurance Review

Company Stability

There have been cases in the recent times of companies of insurance companies falling to compensate their clients as a result of bankruptcy. However, AAA Auto Insurance Company is the last firm that you’ll see getting liquidated on the grounds of insolvency. The company has survived through the years spanning more than a decade and still never showing signs of going bankrupt. The firm has a broad property portfolio as well as a commendable cash flow. Therefore, clients should have total belief in its ability to deliver services without the worry of collapsing.

Value for price

AAA Auto Insurance is, without a doubt, the top choice firm that will provide clients with a value for their money. The following are some of the individuals who should engage the firm as their insurance provider without a second thought:

  1. Individuals with cars that are prone to breaking down. The company is the best option if your vehicle is experiencing mechanical issues every now then. It the end, you will find that you have reaped more than what you pay in premiums.
  2. People who live in areas with unexpected weather changes.
  3. Individuals who don’t want to keep going to the courts to argue compensation cases. This becomes a major issue where the insurer has a very complicated claim process. AAA Auto Insurance Company is committed to paying claims as swiftly as possible.
  4. Also, people who have minimal altercations with the authorities on the grounds of poor driving and other road compliance issues. If you have a good driving record, this is the appropriate firm to cover your insurance needs.

Ideal customers

The company doesn’t have a specific target group of customer. Everyone one who is compliant with the company’s conditions is accepted. The firm will conduct a background check once you apply to become a member. Once it is satisfied that you have provided the relevant details and you also meet all the terms, you can now choose the policy that you need. Primarily, the company provides auto insurance. However, other coverages such as Health, Life, Homeowner, and Financial services insurance are also available.

Key things to check

Once in a while, it is essential to check on the following areas when you are subscribed to a AAA Auto Insurance Company premium:

Annual checks

Every new year is an opportunity to get the best deal possible to push you through. At the end of the year, it is an appropriate time to reassess on your previous package and evaluate whether it fulfilled the needs as you would have wanted. AAA Auto Insurance employees are always ready to come and help the customers reassess their package and provide advice on how to modify it accordingly.

AAA Community

You need to stay informed about what is happening in AAA Auto Insurance, and the best way to achieve this is being in close touch with other clients. The AAA community group is meant to facilitate this. In the group, you will learn about how different individuals have interacted with the company, and this is crucial information, especially when dealing with claims in the future.

Improve your credit score

Like any other insurer, AAA Auto Insurance company checks how you are performing regarding paying your debts to financial institutions. When you have a poor credit score, this is a cause for alarm for the insurer as you risk failing to pay the premiums. As a result, you are likely to pay a higher premium. Therefore you need to keep improving your credit score or look for companies that offer no credit check auto insurance.


General AAA Car Insurance Question

This section will help you understand the basics of AAA car insurance. 

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Does AAA have good auto insurance?

Yes, many people are very happy with their AAA insurance. The organization has been helping people with car insurance for decades, so they have all the experience you need.

Does AAA offer rideshare insurance?

AAA does offer cheap rideshare insurance. You can get a free quote on their website to see what your price will be.

Does AAA offer gap insurance in California?

Yes, AAA does offer GAP insurance in California. It will cover the difference between your primary insurance and what you owe on your car.

How to cancel AAA auto insurance policy?

AAA requires you to call or email an agent to cancel your insurance policy. This is for security reasons and to protect your account.

Do you need AAA membership to have AAA insurance?

Yes, AAA car insurance is only available to AAA members.

Does AAA offer non owner car insurance?

There’s no general information regarding AAA and non-owner insurance. It depends on the state laws where you live and your specific situation.

What does AAA insurance stand for?

AAA stands for American Automobile Association. They’re one of the oldest automotive groups in the United States.

Does AAA do motorcycle insurance?

Yes, you can get AAA motorcycle insurance. They’ll even adjust your coverage to account for modifications you’ve made to your bike.

Does AAA have sr22 insurance?

There’s no information suggesting that AAA offers SR22 insurance. However, individual agents might be able to help you.

Does AAA have umbrella insurance?

Yes, you can get umbrella insurance through AAA. You can contact a local agent for more information.

Does AAA insure salvage cars?

Not in most cases. However, this could change depending on the laws in your state and your specific situation.

AAA Car Insurance Pricing and Payments

We’ll answer the most common AAA car insurance pricing and payment questions in this section.

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Can you pay AAA insurance with credit card?

Yes, you can call their member services department at 1-800-684-4222 to pay your bill by phone with a credit card. There’s no additional charge for paying by phone.

Is AAA auto insurance expensive?

It depends on your specific situation. Sometimes AAA is the lowest price, sometimes not. You should contact them for a free quote to find out for you.

Is AAA car insurance worth it?

Lots of people think so. AAA is one of the most popular car insurance providers across the country, and the reviews of their services are pretty good.

Does AAA car insurance have a grace period?

The grace period on your car insurance policy with AAA can vary according to state laws and other factors, but you will usually have at least several days.

Why is AAA insurance so cheap?

There are lots of reasons why AAA offers some of the best affordable car insurance. They have a large customer base and have other sources of revenue besides their insurance, so they don’t need to have the maximum profit from it.

How to pay my AAA auto insurance online?

You can pay your AAA auto insurance online by creating and then logging into your account on their website. Your account page will have a link to make a one-time payment.

Why did my AAA insurance go up?

You’ll need to call AAA to find out why your insurance went up, as there are lots of possible reasons. These include things like credit score changes, changes in address, claims, or other factors.

How much does AAA car insurance cost?

We couldn’t find specific information about the average cost of AAA car insurance, but the organization says that on average members save about $150 per year on car insurance with them.

How much is teenage car insurance AAA?

AAA doesn’t have prices listed for insurance for a teenage driver. However, on average teen drivers will pay about $3,000 per year to be on their own policy.

How much does insurance go up after an accident AAA?

There are lots of factors that go into this calculation, like who was at fault, the damage, amount of the claim, the rest of your driving record, and so on. That means you’ll need to talk to your insurance agent to see how your accident will affect your rates.

How much is AAA insurance a year?

The cost of insurance depends on lots of specific and individualized factors, so there’s no one rate that AAA charges for insurance per year. You should contact an agent to see what your specific rate will be.

How much is AAA insurance a month?

AAA uses lots of specific, individualized factors to set their premium rates. These rates are also affected by different state laws. You’ll need to contact an agent to see what your price will be.

Is AAA car insurance cheaper than Geico?

It might be. You’ll need to talk to an agent to see what price they’ll quote you. Remember that you need to be an AAA member to access their insurance, so factor in another $100-$200 per year to the cost.

Why is AAA insurance so expensive?

AAA insurance may or may not be more expensive than other insurance options in your area. Make sure you’re looking at the same type of policy. For example, a comprehensive policy will always be more expensive than a liability only policy.

Can I pay my AAA insurance two days late?

Yes, AAA will accept your payment two days late. There may be a late fee charged to your account, depending on the terms of your agreement.

Can I pay AAA auto insurance with debit gift card?

That depends on the gift card. AAA will usually take pre-paid debit cards as payment. If you have problems, then you’ll need to contact the organization directly to process your payment.

Can I pay my AAA insurance with PayPal?

AAA does not accept payment via PayPal at this time. You’ll need to transfer your PayPal money to a checking account to make your payment.

AAA Car Insurance Claims and Coverage

This section covers the most common questions about AAA car insurance claims and coverage.

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Does AAA cover rental car insurance?

If AAA is your primary insurance company, then they will cover your rental car up to the limits listed on your auto insurance card.

Does AAA auto insurance cover windshield replacement?

That depends on the situation. You can usually get your windshield replacement covered either by your AAA insurance policy or get a discount on it with your AAA membership.

Does AAA membership cover car rental insurance?

AAA membership by itself doesn’t cover rental car insurance. However, if you have AAA as your primary car insurance, then your rental car is covered.

Does AAA insurance include roadside assistance?

Yes, AAA insurance includes roadside assistance, which is also offered by AAA membership.

How to add a car to AAA insurance?

The best way to add a car to your AAA car insurance is to call your AAA agent. You can find the number on your insurance card.

Does AAA auto insurance cover cracked windshield?

In most cases, yes. It depends on the specifics of your policy and how the cracked was created. You should ask your agent for more details.

What does AAA auto insurance cover?

AAA auto insurance covers everything that you’d get from any other insurance company. You can get liability or comprehensive policies and choose your level of coverage. Ask about instant auto insurance no down payment required if you’re car shopping and need coverage now.

Does AAA insurance cover towing?

AAA insurance doesn’t cover towing itself, but your AAA membership, which you need to get AAA insurance, does cover towing.

How to add a driver to AAA insurance?

The best way to add a driver to your AAA insurance is to contact your agent. You can find their number on your AAA insurance card.

How to file a claim with AAA insurance?

Contacting your agent is the best way to file a claim with AAA insurance. You can get the contact information you need from your insurance card.

What does AAA insurance cover?

AAA insurance coverage depends on the specific nature of your policy. They offer both liability and comprehensive coverage.

Are all dirvers covered under AAA Autoclub insurance?

That depends what you mean. If someone else borrows your car, then it will be covered by your insurance, but all drivers do not automatically get AAA Autoclub insurance.

Can AAA insurance offer duplicate driver's license?

That depends on your state of residence. Nine states allow AAA members to obtain replacement drivers licenses at AAA offices.

Can I add myself to my parents AAA insurance plan?

No, you can’t add yourself to your parent’s plan. They will need to add you if they want you on their insurance.

Can I only buy AAA towing insurance?

You can purchase AAA membership for about $100 per year. This membership includes free towing.

Can I use AAA insurance to reprogram my car key fob?

Not in most cases. However, your AAA membership can probably get you a discount on the service if you use one of their recognized service providers.

Other AAA Insurance Questions

We’ll cover AAA car insurance questions that don’t fit into our other categories in this section.

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Can I cancel my AAA auto insurance online?

No, you can’t cancel your AAA auto insurance online. You can send a letter or email, or call the company to cancel your insurance. This is to protect your account from unauthorized cancellation.

How to view my AAA insurance policy?

The best way to view your AAA insurance policy is to log on to your account online. You will be able to find a downloadable and printable insurance policy on your account.

Who underwrites AAA auto insurance?

There are several carriers that underwrite AAA policies, including Progressive, Foremost, MetLife, MAPFRE, and more.

Can I get AAA insurance without membership?

You cannot. You need to be an AAA member to qualify for their auto insurance offerings.

Can I get AAA roadside assistance without insurance?

Yes, you can get AAA roadside assistance by becoming an AAA member. This doesn’t require you to buy insurance through them.

Can I print my AAA insurance card?

Yes, you should have received an email with a printable insurance card. You can also get a printable insurance card by logging on to your account through their website.